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Soil Analysis

A majority of soil science professionals consider soil testing a starting point in determining what action is required to produce a high yielding, high quality crop. We at A & L Western Laboratories are proud to provide cost-effective and comprehensive soil testing packages along with the most up-to-date interpretive guidelines available. Following recognized testing procedures approved by the North American Proficiency Testing Program, our fully trained staff and certified professional agronomists are here to help you with all your testing needs.

Our soil test packages and interpretive guidelines are tailored for your specific crop and growing conditions. The soil test report you receive from A & L Laboratories will be your guide to improving your soil fertility, crop quality and yield. It can be a very useful and valuable tool if you take the time to properly sample your soil. Please see our soil sampling guidelines if you are unsure about how to best sample your soil for your particular growing conditions. We look forward to providing you with the best soil test available. And, we guarantee it!

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